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The Notebook, When the Heart Must Choose

The Notebook, a movie based on the best-seller novel by Nicholas Spark, illustrates clearly how the heart is faced with a choice between perfection and comfort. The two main players in this movie, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are able to bring the emotions of the audience as if they were experiencing what the main character experienced.

A pair of teenagers begin their summer love that develops into intimate love relationships. Allie, daughter of a wealthy family who is spending a summer vacation in North Carolina. Noah, a country boy who works at sawmills, is smart and poetic. Noah has fallen in love since he first saw Allie at the night market.

But unfortunately, these two lovebirds are separated by Anne, Allie’s mother, who strongly disagrees with the relationship. Anne is not disliking Noah, but because she thinks that the poor guy is not suitable for her daughter. Allie’s parents decided to return to Charlestown immediately and after a long time, Allie fell in love with Lon. Furthermore, this movie will make you feel curious about Allie’s choice.

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