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The Incredibles 2, A Success Cartoon

In 2004, Pixar, a world-renowned animated movie company, launched The Incredibles, which carries the theme of the family of superheroes. With a unique story concept and the quality of animation that was leading in its time, it is not surprising that The Incredibles is able to attract the attention of animation movie lovers.

In fact, despite only continuing the sequel story 14 years after the first movie was released, The Incredibles 2 was able to make the entire world cinema burst. The reason is none other than because there are a lot of connoisseurs of animated movies that have long been waiting for the continuation of the story of The Incredibles.

Proven profits obtained by Pixar from the sequel to the animated movie reached nearly 200 million USD. Seeing this fact, as well as the quality of the movie The Incredibles, no doubt if the animated movie is one of the best in the world.

Everyone must have different preferences in choosing the best-animated movie. The reason is, each of the world’s leading animated movies has a different appeal and concept to be presented. But The Incredibles can attract the attention of many people.

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