A faster business arrangement

In order to give a push in terms of business growth to the border city of Tijuana, new processes have been implemented to streamline the procedures for new businesses from restaurants to orthodontists in Tijuana Mexico but to manage this type of procedures for low-impact classified businesses, which must not exceed a construction of 50 square meters, […]

The event that wants to help

In the famous border city of Tijuana an event dedicated to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs was held, since the city is aware of the importance of empowering those who seek to undertake and give them the tools to leave the comfort zone and be able to hold on to a dream that materialize in a project […]

Volunteering in farms

Although many adults do not believe it, there are many young people who are looking for new experiences in the middle of nature specifically those related to the environment, ecological agriculture or animal care and there is now an endless number of volunteer programs in organic farms around the world and of course also take […]

Little of Haiti in Mexico

Many migrants from Haiti who embarked on a difficult and long journey to a better life for the United States and very few achieved it but several stayed in another country full of opportunities that is: Mexico. In particular, the city of Tijuana is now much more intercultural. The migratory flow of the Haitian population, […]

Cleaning in the city

One kilometer of the Tijuana River Canalization will be cleaned by civil society, the private initiative, the Tijuana City Council and the National Water Commission (Conagua). The solution is in the hands of many and I am very happy that we are going to clean at least a kilometer of the canal, declared the council […]

City Improvements

Rome was not made in a day, but we could begin to walk, without running to stumble, expressed to be in the status of the promises that delivered in the campaign to the people of Tijuana, six months after starting their municipal administration. He explained that currently, the council cares to enter the national tender […]

Sustainable objects using cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are extremely harmful to your teeth, according to expert dentists in Mexico. They are also one of the objects that people throw away without caring about their degree of environmental contamination, but on the other hand they have served students of the Technological University of Mexico to create objects such as notebooks or […]

Cleaning of canalization of the Tijuana River

Locals, among volunteers and municipal employees, participated in the Cleaning Day in the Canalization of the River at the height of the Mexico Bridge, in which around 600 cubic meters of garbage were removed and more than 150 people were sent to a temporally home, where they will be assisted by the Inclusion Program. The […]

Benefits of being bilingual

Bilingual people have a tendency to make much more rational choices. Almost any language includes nuance as well as subtle implications in the vocabulary of its, and the biases may subconsciously affect the judgment of yours. Bilinguals are definitely more confident with the options of theirs after thinking it over in the second language and […]

Media Notes

Weight loss surgery in mexico is growing in popularity. More and more people are turning to this innovative surgery to help them to tackle their weight problems. This form of surgery is also known as a sleevectomy or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. it is one several forms of surgery that is designed to reduce the size […]