Anti-war Assembly

The Anti-war Assembly Technicians

Cartoons, Movies for All Ages

Watching movies is indeed known as one of the hobbies and activities carried out by most people when they have free time. Whether alone or with those closest to you, seeing a movie is very exciting, especially if the plot you are told is dramatic and unpredictable. One genre of movies that is very popular today is animation. Animated movies are watched by many people today because they are suitable to be used as a leisure time with family. Furthermore, now it’s more convenient for you to watch cartoons with your children from home, because you can watch them on

The reason is, animated movies can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, both young children who are just in school and parents who have aged late. Therefore, it can be ascertained if the animated movie becomes the movie genre that has the most fans. However, do you know if, among the hundreds, or even thousands of animated movies that have been released, there are 10 movie titles that have been named the best animated movies of all time? In addition to being able to attract many viewers, the leading animated movies are also full of neat moral messages.

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