The Mexican Bra That Helps Detect Breast Cancer

Despite the great reception he had in the media and in the market his smart bra, when Julián Ríos introduced him last year he probably did not imagine where he would arrive. He was still a minor at that time, and now the 19-year-old is leading one of the most promising technological innovation and health companies, whose flagship product is Eva, the bra for the early detection of breast cancer, which is more important for a woman that any cosmetic surgery or go with a  cosmetic dentist in tijuana.

The company, Higia Technologies has received international awards, obtained that the Mexican Institute of Social Security will prove it nationally, and even put 5 thousand units of the product in Mexico last October, which have already been exhausted. But now, it’s time to cross the pond.

Japan, interested in Mexican technology

With the Talent Land coming to an end, the Rios company has confirmed that ‘Eva’ will be put on sale in Japan later this year.

Faced with the success, the public and private sector have joined efforts to provide the necessary support to the company, and the team that started Julián on their own, now consists of 15 specialists, engineers and industrial developers from Colombia, Spain, the United States, Japan , and of course Mexico.

Among the allies of Higia are Apple, Google, Cruz Rosa, Avon and the IMSS.

Ríos, one of the new faces of technological entrepreneurship in Mexico

Julián Ríos came up with the idea of ​​’Eva’ after his mother will face the rawness of breast cancer firsthand. The solution was as simple as it was creative: a bra that could detect thermal changes on the surface, one of the main indicators of a probable carcinogenic development.

For it to work properly, it was necessary not only to capture this information, but also a database that will help to contrast. Later, a series of algorithms that include more information, such as the natural curvature of the breast, analyzes probable anomalies and can even detect at what stage a tumor is developing.