The event that wants to help

In the famous border city of Tijuana an event dedicated to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs was held, since the city is aware of the importance of empowering those who seek to undertake and give them the tools to leave the comfort zone and be able to hold on to a dream that materialize in a project of quality, since Tijuana is one of the cities with economic spillover in the whole world by this type of people that offer this type of services of great quality such as the  professional Tijuana dentists.

It is expected that the exhibitors have the opportunity to open also in other projects, to achieve alliances with other services with other entrepreneurs, and that the objective is to invest them here in the windows, not only in this scenario, that opens them for the exhibition very successful in each of the branches that we have in each pavilion, I expressed.

Along with this, there will be Civil Associations that offer services in dental, medical, workshops to empower women, entrepreneurs, workshops for children, and services for prevention of breast cancer with free mammograms, blood cuts, diabetes and HIV.

To conclude, all interested parties are invited, will attend the last cycle of conferences and cultural activities offered by the BC Events Expo, which also promotes the consumption of local products and services and promotes the local culture.

Regarding security, the municipal president of Tijuana explained that there is no denying the existence of problems; However, “everything is not wrong”. Yes, there is a high rate of criminal acts, nothing more than to pass the following: “They have not affected us, that is why the security actions that we will have to undertake, with strategies coordinated with the governor”.

The city continues to receive investments, and so far this year 26 new companies have been established, with an investment of 75 million dollars, in addition to an injection of more than 700 million dollars in expansion works of established companies , Which indicates your interest to stay in the city.

“That gives us a clear signal that we still have a problem of the whole big city, we also have the growth of a society that is pushing towards a well-being, although it is true that it is pushing, it is a material well-being that translates into greater jobs and wealth, since it is about that everyone is living and working in comfort to do things well “.