Everything the British Royal Family Cannot Eat Away From Home

If you believe that there are many rules in your family you should know that the rules of the royal family require you to follow a strict diet, and we are not talking about the classic rule of mothers not to eat sweets because then you have to go with the Tijuana dentist.

Being king or queen has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. And if you do not ask Elizabeth II of England when she travels to Italy, for example, she is forbidden to touch a plate of spaghetti Bolognese as long as it is to eat it in public.

And it is that the protocol rules of the “british royal family” are possibly the strictest of the European royal houses, to the point that the list of foods and foods that they have to eliminate from their diet when they are ‘on duty’ is extensive .

No to seafood

According to British media, about the rules of culinary protocol of the royal family, if there is a group of foods that are strictly forbidden to eat outside the home, they are seafood.

The reason is quite simple: many of them are eaten raw, which increases the risk of poisoning. Vibrio vulnificus, for example, a type of bacteria that contaminates oysters and that develops in humans a disease called vibriosis, can even be lethal. Hence, before a drama is generated – and seen the cases of contamination by the bacteria that plagued the Pacific oysters last November – it is better to prevent rather than cure.

No to raw meat

Something similar happens with “raw meat”, raw meat in English. Another thing that no member of British royalty can take in public, unless it has been prepared by his personal chef. The explanation corresponds, once again, with the risk of intoxication.

The most common diseases are toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. And we are not exempt from danger even if the meat we eat is subjected to many controls.

No to tap water or unknown mineral waters

Before the royal visits, when the “british royal family” travels abroad, usually the Buckingham Palace usually warns the hosts about the real likes and dislikes. The requirements normally prohibit the mauve flowers – apparently nothing pleases Her Majesty – the quilts and foreign mineral waters.

Water is also banned from the tap and, although no specific reason is given, the hypothesis that the British media are considering is – again – the risk of intoxication. All precautions are few to avoid any error that may hinder the tight schedules of the royal family.

Other curious prohibitions

Garlic, long pasta or sauces made with tomato are some of the dishes and ingredients that, according to some times confirmed by the chefs of the Italian presidential palace, it is asked to omit the official dinners and meals when the Queen of England visits the country.

Although the tea is not missing in any of your visits. But seen the seen, will Your Majesty travel with its own mineral water to prepare it to your liking?