Cleaning of canalization of the Tijuana River

Locals, among volunteers and municipal employees, participated in the Cleaning Day in the Canalization of the River at the height of the Mexico Bridge, in which around 600 cubic meters of garbage were removed and more than 150 people were sent to a temporally home, where they will be assisted by the Inclusion Program.
The day was an initiative of the councilor in coordination with the delegate of the Center, where federal and state authorities participated, in addition to volunteers and employees of the Secretariat of Urban Development and Ecology (SDUE) of the Directorate of Public Works.
“We want to clean this space, which is the first image of Tijuana to arrive from the United States looking for a house for sale in Baja California or just visit and to recover these areas so that families can take part in recreational activities such as running, biking or with their pets,” the councilor said.
The mayor highlighted the availability of federal agencies such as the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the National Institute of Immigration (INAMI), the Second Military Zone and the Institute of Administration and Valuation of National Assets (INDAABIN) and the Tijuana Customs participate in this journey.
This day is the beginning of permanent actions that will be carried out for at least three months to recover these spaces, through the cleaning and rehabilitation of them.
The delegate of the Center explained that this day and the retirement of the people who spend the night in the canal is a request both of the residents of the area and of the organized groups of the trade.
“Merchants from the Avenida Revolución, the Zona Centro and the Tourist Walker have approached in the voice of their representatives, who have expressed to us the need not only to clean, but to channel these people to rehabilitation centers, because many of them they are the ones who commit crimes in the surroundings, “he added.
He assured that on behalf of the delegation 20 employees were present and a backhoe and two dump trucks were used for cleaning.
Prior to this day the support of the Beta Group was requested to talk with these people about the need to withdraw from this site that they use to consume drugs and spend the night.
In the event was present the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Martinez who was in charge of supporting the transfer of people residing in the channel and who mostly have addiction problems, so they were taken to the EMI, where will be channeled to rehabilitation centers through the Inclusion Program.