City Improvements

Rome was not made in a day, but we could begin to walk, without running to stumble, expressed to be in the status of the promises that delivered in the campaign to the people of Tijuana, six months after starting their municipal administration.

He explained that currently, the council cares to enter the national tender to hire a public lighting service, for which the Transparencia Technical and Citizen committees were installed, which will be vigilant during the whole process, and that will grant greater certainty and clarity to the actions that have to be carried out to enlighten the city and thus provide greater security to the population and people who come from abroad for Tijuana Root canal treatment.

In addition to the above, talk about the issue of mobility of the city, a project through which seek to promote the transit of citizens, that is, give priority to pedestrians, in addition to modernizing public transport.

As part of this mobility plan, the mayor of Tijuana stressed that for the first time in many years had occurred in an urban order in the international booths to give citizens the option of taking public transport more convenient, and where no company can have the exclusivity of the service.

He explained that fulfilling one of his campaign commitments, on August 2 began the process for the registration of the 25 million students who received the support of free transportation, thanks to the willingness and willingness of the transporters.

The mayor of Tijuana emphasizes that he needs the greatest citizen participation, in all areas, to be able to obtain the status of the city of Mexico, but also requires a greater participation of the private initiative in the works of the city council, as well as a re-engineering in the governmental task, leaving aside the intentional bureaucracy.

Ensure that workers work hand in hand with the Business Coordinating Council, so that when investors arrive in the city they can work more quickly, generating greater sources of employment and the wealth of the city.

He said that a city can not be growing based on a mobile vehicle, but must return to the citizen of a cake, where everyone can travel through their city with public media, in this way, recover from public spaces for the benefit of the citizens.