A faster business arrangement

In order to give a push in terms of business growth to the border city of Tijuana, new processes have been implemented to streamline the procedures for new businesses from restaurants to orthodontists in Tijuana Mexico but to manage this type of procedures for low-impact classified businesses, which must not exceed a construction of 50 square meters, and must not use LP gas or other hazardous materials, you must enter the portal and fill out a form called “Self Inspection Form”, which will then be validated by this address so that immediately the document is issued to you.

In contrast, for medium and high risk, in conjunction with the Information Office of the municipality, an application was developed which fire inspectors use using a tablet, fill in the required information on these establishments, in which if compliance with all of them, the validation is immediate and in an average of 12 days the procedure is already ready.

“Last year it closed with 22 thousand businesses, of which half were low risk, a situation that has led us to improve inspection systems by this direction, reducing it in a process of 45 to 60 minutes to deliver documents and make the corresponding payments, “said Carlos Gopar.

He added that since the month of May that these new modalities were implemented, more than 3 thousand requests for this procedure have been handled, with an average of 886 self-inspection documents and more than 2,000 visits by inspectors to establishments for validation.

This procedure issued by the Fire Department can be requested in the Municipal Palace, also in the Delegation of the ALR Dam, as well as in a module that was enabled in the CANACO.

So we just have to wait for the new businesses that will emerge with this initiative and always support local businesses, buying them instead of big corporations.