Ventajas Del Transporte Marítimo

En una economía globalizada en constante crecimiento, la necesidad de enviar mayores volúmenes de carga en el menor tiempo posible va en aumento. Esto ha llevado a la construcción de los llamados mega buques, con la capacidad de transportar grandes cantidades de mercancías a miles de contenedores de envío a la vez. Esta dinámica beneficia la economía de escala y el comercio exterior, la importación y la exportación de todo tipo de mercancías y materias primas.

“Hoy, alrededor del 90 por ciento del comercio mundial es realizado por la industria naviera internacional. Sin embarque, la importación y exportación de bienes en la escala necesaria para sostener el mundo moderno no sería posible. Y el comercio marítimo continúa expandiéndose, brindando beneficios para los consumidores en todo el mundo a través de costos competitivos de flete. Sin embargo, el hecho es que la mayoría de la población mundial desconoce el papel vital que desempeña la navegación en su vida cotidiana “, dijo Koji Sekimizu, Secretario General de la OMI cuando anunció el tema del Día Internacional del Transporte 2016:” Envío: indispensable para el mundo”.

En este sentido, el envío está presente en el desarrollo de nuestra vida diaria, incluso si a veces desconocemos este hecho. Para ayudarlo a comprender por qué el envío es el medio de transporte favorito, aquí le mostraremos cuatro razones:

Es más barato: la industria del envío tiene los costos de flete más competitivos, ya que es una de las formas más rentables de transporte de mercancías a través de largas distancias.
Es la forma ideal de mover grandes volúmenes de carga: los buques están construidos para transportar grandes cantidades de bienes y materias primas en comparación con la capacidad de los aviones o camiones. Además, el envío permite el movimiento de líquidos, gas y carga peligrosa. Por este motivo, existen ciertas reglamentaciones para mantener la seguridad del buque, la tripulación y la carga.
Es seguro: los porcentajes de pérdidas causadas por incidentes durante el transporte marítimo han disminuido hasta el nivel más bajo desde hace una década, según informes de Allianz.
Es ecológico: en comparación con el transporte por carretera, la industria marítima es menos peligrosa para el medio ambiente. La industria naviera es responsable de solo el 12% del total de la contaminación generada por las actividades económicas humanas.

The Mexican Bra That Helps Detect Breast Cancer

Despite the great reception he had in the media and in the market his smart bra, when Julián Ríos introduced him last year he probably did not imagine where he would arrive. He was still a minor at that time, and now the 19-year-old is leading one of the most promising technological innovation and health companies, whose flagship product is Eva, the bra for the early detection of breast cancer, which is more important for a woman that any cosmetic surgery or go with a  cosmetic dentist in tijuana.

The company, Higia Technologies has received international awards, obtained that the Mexican Institute of Social Security will prove it nationally, and even put 5 thousand units of the product in Mexico last October, which have already been exhausted. But now, it’s time to cross the pond.

Japan, interested in Mexican technology

With the Talent Land coming to an end, the Rios company has confirmed that ‘Eva’ will be put on sale in Japan later this year.

Faced with the success, the public and private sector have joined efforts to provide the necessary support to the company, and the team that started Julián on their own, now consists of 15 specialists, engineers and industrial developers from Colombia, Spain, the United States, Japan , and of course Mexico.

Among the allies of Higia are Apple, Google, Cruz Rosa, Avon and the IMSS.

Ríos, one of the new faces of technological entrepreneurship in Mexico

Julián Ríos came up with the idea of ​​’Eva’ after his mother will face the rawness of breast cancer firsthand. The solution was as simple as it was creative: a bra that could detect thermal changes on the surface, one of the main indicators of a probable carcinogenic development.

For it to work properly, it was necessary not only to capture this information, but also a database that will help to contrast. Later, a series of algorithms that include more information, such as the natural curvature of the breast, analyzes probable anomalies and can even detect at what stage a tumor is developing.

The Latin American cities that lead the generation of employment

Foreign investment in new projects has created 1,367,526 jobs through 6,875 initiatives in the last five years, in addition to the increase in tourism and medical services, only the number of foreigners traveling to Mexico in search of Affordable dental implants Tijuana has increased thanks to its professionalism and quality significantly.

Estimates in descending order include Mexico City, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Monterrey, San Luis  Potosi, Tijuana, Queretaro, Guadalajara, Lima and Silao.

The countries of the region that generated the most jobs for this concept were Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru.

The previous year, the data indicate that Bogotá was the first among Latin American capitals to achieve 2.2% of the total work, followed by Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

These cities overlapped even though experts published a report in 2017 that indicated that Latin America had suffered a continuous decline in foreign direct investment projects between 2011 and 2016.

According to the report, the most significant drop was recorded in 2013, with a downward spiral that continued in the region, until 2016, when there was an increase.

In the period studied, the countries that made the most direct investment in Latin America were Spain, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
The new generations that begin to have purchasing power have another mentality, they do not value having a property, but experiencing a service, for example; They prefer to allocate their money to travel rather than to material goods.

On the one hand, consumer habits have changed after a time of economic contraction, in which consumers have become accustomed to paying less for what they want, and, on the other, their preferences have also turned to different ways.

In this new scenario of transformation, the strategies, and processes that were used before no longer work in the same way, so that companies are being forced to adapt and reinvent their business model. The main factors for growth nowadays are the price and the brand: if you do not have a reasonable price or a proper brand differentiation, you are in no man’s land.

Everything the British Royal Family Cannot Eat Away From Home

If you believe that there are many rules in your family you should know that the rules of the royal family require you to follow a strict diet, and we are not talking about the classic rule of mothers not to eat sweets because then you have to go with the Tijuana dentist.

Being king or queen has its advantages, but also its drawbacks. And if you do not ask Elizabeth II of England when she travels to Italy, for example, she is forbidden to touch a plate of spaghetti Bolognese as long as it is to eat it in public.

And it is that the protocol rules of the “british royal family” are possibly the strictest of the European royal houses, to the point that the list of foods and foods that they have to eliminate from their diet when they are ‘on duty’ is extensive .

No to seafood

According to British media, about the rules of culinary protocol of the royal family, if there is a group of foods that are strictly forbidden to eat outside the home, they are seafood.

The reason is quite simple: many of them are eaten raw, which increases the risk of poisoning. Vibrio vulnificus, for example, a type of bacteria that contaminates oysters and that develops in humans a disease called vibriosis, can even be lethal. Hence, before a drama is generated – and seen the cases of contamination by the bacteria that plagued the Pacific oysters last November – it is better to prevent rather than cure.

No to raw meat

Something similar happens with “raw meat”, raw meat in English. Another thing that no member of British royalty can take in public, unless it has been prepared by his personal chef. The explanation corresponds, once again, with the risk of intoxication.

The most common diseases are toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. And we are not exempt from danger even if the meat we eat is subjected to many controls.

No to tap water or unknown mineral waters

Before the royal visits, when the “british royal family” travels abroad, usually the Buckingham Palace usually warns the hosts about the real likes and dislikes. The requirements normally prohibit the mauve flowers – apparently nothing pleases Her Majesty – the quilts and foreign mineral waters.

Water is also banned from the tap and, although no specific reason is given, the hypothesis that the British media are considering is – again – the risk of intoxication. All precautions are few to avoid any error that may hinder the tight schedules of the royal family.

Other curious prohibitions

Garlic, long pasta or sauces made with tomato are some of the dishes and ingredients that, according to some times confirmed by the chefs of the Italian presidential palace, it is asked to omit the official dinners and meals when the Queen of England visits the country.

Although the tea is not missing in any of your visits. But seen the seen, will Your Majesty travel with its own mineral water to prepare it to your liking?

Consultations And Medicine For All!

It is good news that in Mexico people who require medical attention but for some reason or other do not have financial resources can now go to any of the free clinics that exist, where many people can be attended daily.

According to the Medical Service, in these places first contact care is provided, medication is delivered and, if necessary, if specialized care is required, the patient is referred to a health institution. Of course, there are still services that are not free but have an affordable price like Cosmetic dentistry Tijuana which covers different dental services which although it is not a subject of life or death it can be essential for the self-esteem and oral health of many people.

Let’s avoid heat strokes
It is common that during the hot season, medical attention is increased by cases of stomach pains, diarrhea, gastrointestinal infections, symptoms of heat stroke. People can die because of this, but now with this program, no cases of dehydration have been detected.

This area has delivered 10 thousand envelopes of oral serum, in addition to carrying out prevention workshops to prevent diseases during this season.

The diseases in this season are caused mainly by viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are mostly found in contaminated or decomposed food, as well as in the hands in case of not having adequate hygiene.

Therefore, among the recommendations are: Wash hands before eating and after going to the bathroom, avoid street foods, drink water regularly, disinfect fruits and vegetables, as well as check that products of animal origin are fresh.

The population is asked to watch for symptoms such as stomach pain, acute diarrhea, and vomiting, which could cause dehydration and affect mainly children and adults of the third age, so they should be treated immediately.

Who Uses Military Power Supplies: How the AC to DC Converter Empowers Big Jobs

There are a number of organizations that use military power supplies. Especially popular in use is the AC to DC converter for its ability to offer customized solutions to complex operating requirements. The best military power supplies companies producing AC to DC converters manufacturers a wide variety of types for multiple industries.

Military power supplies might have some similarities to other types of power supplies, but what makes these stand out is their sheer ruggedness and customizable capabilities to function in extreme conditions. Military power supplies are designed to perform without flaw in a variety of conditions with extreme pressure, temperatures, and moisture levels. They also need to perform with little maintenance and have a long lifecycle.

Nuclear Power Plants Use Military Power Supplies with AC to DC Converters

The nuclear power industry is one that requires military power supplies to keep reactors stable. Over 11 percent of the planet’s electricity originates from nuclear energy and new generation reactor designs are being pushed out. With disasters in recent history like Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011 and the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986, the need to safely maintain reactors and nuclear cores is detrimental to the health and safety of our planet. Military power supplies components like AC to DC converters help to allow the safe and protected environments to thrive where energy is produced and controlled from allowing the atoms of certain elements to split. Military grade AC to DC converters provide the power needed in reactors to keep conditions within safe operation.

AC to DC Converters Empower Our Armed Forces

Our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard rely on the AC to DC converters produced in the military power supplies lineup that enables operations in challenging deployment environments. AC to DC converters for military operations must be smaller in size, low weight and meet the challenges faced by multi-voltage systems. Here are some of the ways that AC to DC converters and other military power supplies provide flawless performance:

  • Ensure noise reduction for tactical needs
  • Support higher voltages and lower input signals than commercial supplies used by air traffic control and military hospitals
  • Military power supplies like the AC to DC converter help power systems that protect gear and troops from lightning strikes
  • Enable the normal, abnormal and emergency operational modes in military-grade vehicles and aircraft.
  • Power supply devices capable of withstanding water and high humidity. Many AC to DC converters from top military power supply companies use a sealing integrity of 1 meter per MIL-STD-810 Method 512.5. Furthermore, non-conductive materials like silicone elastomerics are often used for sealing.
  • Military power supplies that withstand temperatures below -40 degrees Celsius and above 80 degrees Celsius.

From launching aircraft from Nimitz class aircraft carriers to launching missiles to intercept threatening forces, AC to DC converters are the all starts of military power supplies in enabling a number of requirements so systems can work efficiently.

Aerospace and Military Power Supplies

Military grade AC to DC converters are used in the aerospace industry to help multi-voltage systems perform in outer space. The best military power supplies used for space exploration must enable performance while handling considerable vibration and shock, and not the variety of shaking that occurs on jet flight routes but rather those experienced when space shuttles launch and various stages break apart. The power systems that enable space launches require a watertight system that must withstand humidity using a GORE TEX® vent. These military power supplies must also be able to withstand extreme heat experienced in the launch and when re-entering the atmosphere.

All in all, military power supplies are used in multiple industries that work in harsh conditions, and this is why AC to DC converters must be designed to complete big jobs in challenging environments.

How to Find the Best Oil Tank Removal NJ Based Company for Commercial Properties

If you are searching for an oil tank removal NJ based company to perform oil tank detection and removal services, there are a number of things to demand from a company to ensure you are working with the very best. The last thing you need is some legal trouble or costly repairs to surface because you hired the wrong company. When it comes to finding the best oil tank removal company in NJ, there are things to consider like soil remediation, environmental contracting, and demolition contractors that work for the company. Often, these services are needed in addition to oil tank detection and removal. These tips will help you find the best companies to remove oil tanks and perform any needed soil remediation services on your commercial property in New Jersey.

LSRP and Standards for Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation in New Jersey

The best oil tank removal companies in NJ will have LSRP professionals to oversee the remediation of contaminated soil after oil tank removal is performed. This must be done in accordance with NJDEP standards and regulations, otherwise the company is not responsible and you could be held liable if anything goes wrong in the oil tank removal and cleanup process.

Oil tank removal companies with LSRP professionals are held subject to a strict code of conduct created by regulations and statute and must therefore demonstrate that soil remediation are done to protect safety, public health and the natural environment. The LSRP goal is to fine-tune the soil remediation process by transforming sites suffering from oil tank leaks into areas that can be used and enjoyed by people and any corporations.

Look for an oil tank removal NJ based company that has a full-time certified, licensed and bonded LSRP staff to oversee soil remediation and oil tank removal operations.

Look at the Oil Tank Removal Company’s Portfolio

Be sure to see who the oil tank removal company has worked for and interview current and past clients asking for any documented information required to determine how cost effective, efficient and thoughtful their work plans were. If massive corporations and government entities have hired the oil tank removal company for multiple jobs, then you know they are quick, get tasks completed at a low cost, provide flawless work, and all in all leave with a stellar impression.

Make Sure the Oil Tank Removal Company Offers All the Big Services

The last thing you need is to hire an oil tank removal company, require an additional service half-way through the process, and discover the company doesn’t offer it. When this happens you need to take the time to find a second company to step in and the costs go up while communication between multiple parties slows things down. The best NJ oil tank removal companies will offer environmental contractors, soil testing and remediation, site remediation, tank installation, compliance testing and much more.

Take your time to vet all the best oil tank removal companies and then create a short list with those that offer all the big services associated with leaking oil tank removal and cleanup, have worked with the best clients, and have LSRP staff to oversee operations.

A faster business arrangement

In order to give a push in terms of business growth to the border city of Tijuana, new processes have been implemented to streamline the procedures for new businesses from restaurants to orthodontists in Tijuana Mexico but to manage this type of procedures for low-impact classified businesses, which must not exceed a construction of 50 square meters, and must not use LP gas or other hazardous materials, you must enter the portal and fill out a form called “Self Inspection Form”, which will then be validated by this address so that immediately the document is issued to you.

In contrast, for medium and high risk, in conjunction with the Information Office of the municipality, an application was developed which fire inspectors use using a tablet, fill in the required information on these establishments, in which if compliance with all of them, the validation is immediate and in an average of 12 days the procedure is already ready.

“Last year it closed with 22 thousand businesses, of which half were low risk, a situation that has led us to improve inspection systems by this direction, reducing it in a process of 45 to 60 minutes to deliver documents and make the corresponding payments, “said Carlos Gopar.

He added that since the month of May that these new modalities were implemented, more than 3 thousand requests for this procedure have been handled, with an average of 886 self-inspection documents and more than 2,000 visits by inspectors to establishments for validation.

This procedure issued by the Fire Department can be requested in the Municipal Palace, also in the Delegation of the ALR Dam, as well as in a module that was enabled in the CANACO.

So we just have to wait for the new businesses that will emerge with this initiative and always support local businesses, buying them instead of big corporations.

The event that wants to help

In the famous border city of Tijuana an event dedicated to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs was held, since the city is aware of the importance of empowering those who seek to undertake and give them the tools to leave the comfort zone and be able to hold on to a dream that materialize in a project of quality, since Tijuana is one of the cities with economic spillover in the whole world by this type of people that offer this type of services of great quality such as the  professional Tijuana dentists.

It is expected that the exhibitors have the opportunity to open also in other projects, to achieve alliances with other services with other entrepreneurs, and that the objective is to invest them here in the windows, not only in this scenario, that opens them for the exhibition very successful in each of the branches that we have in each pavilion, I expressed.

Along with this, there will be Civil Associations that offer services in dental, medical, workshops to empower women, entrepreneurs, workshops for children, and services for prevention of breast cancer with free mammograms, blood cuts, diabetes and HIV.

To conclude, all interested parties are invited, will attend the last cycle of conferences and cultural activities offered by the BC Events Expo, which also promotes the consumption of local products and services and promotes the local culture.

Regarding security, the municipal president of Tijuana explained that there is no denying the existence of problems; However, “everything is not wrong”. Yes, there is a high rate of criminal acts, nothing more than to pass the following: “They have not affected us, that is why the security actions that we will have to undertake, with strategies coordinated with the governor”.

The city continues to receive investments, and so far this year 26 new companies have been established, with an investment of 75 million dollars, in addition to an injection of more than 700 million dollars in expansion works of established companies , Which indicates your interest to stay in the city.

“That gives us a clear signal that we still have a problem of the whole big city, we also have the growth of a society that is pushing towards a well-being, although it is true that it is pushing, it is a material well-being that translates into greater jobs and wealth, since it is about that everyone is living and working in comfort to do things well “.

Volunteering in farms

Although many adults do not believe it, there are many young people who are looking for new experiences in the middle of nature specifically those related to the environment, ecological agriculture or animal care and there is now an endless number of volunteer programs in organic farms around the world and of course also take advantage of the occasion to know the places around, buy things that only sell in that area or that are cheaper like Ceramic dental crowns in Tijuana.

Getting a job abroad can sometimes become a somewhat complicated task. However, through volunteering, many people achieve their goal of working in solidarity projects around the world. The World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farms movement is an option for nature lovers who want to volunteer in organic farms in any corner. of the planet. This interesting movement worldwide achieves the union between organic farmers and producers, in order to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust, as well as non-monetary exchanges between the two. In exchange for the help volunteers provide in These farms, the farmer or producer provides the hosts with accommodation, food and also the opportunity to learn about the lifestyles of the farms. And in addition to learning from nature, volunteers also have the opportunity to practice a new language in a natural way, share experiences with people from all over the world, travel and discover new places.

Volunteer opportunities in farms
A Norwegian farm that is located in the southwest of Norway and run by a woman and her three children. It has its own breeding of sheep, pigs, and chickens, and also with own cultivation of oats and grass for the animals. Candidates are asked to speak English or Norwegian and are willing to work for five hours a day, five days a week. week. The owner of the farm offers accommodation and all meals. Another interesting volunteer opportunity comes from a farm in Denmark. In this case, volunteers are requested in the coming months in a farm that is open all year round to tourists who wish to visit it. In this farm different types of animals are raised such as cows, ponies, goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, geese, donkeys or peacocks, and volunteers must carry out various activities such as gardening, construction, animal care or cooking.

Another offer of volunteering in farms, in this case in Spain, it is not an animal farm, but an ecological farming property of more than 140 hectares. Here it is requested that the volunteers contribute to the daily activities that take place daily in the field, since in this property are cultivated organic vegetables and sold to different cooperatives. Those interested can send an email through the web page where this offer has been published, and get in touch with the owners of this property Granada rural. The selected volunteers will carry out different activities related to bioconstruction, pistachio cultivation, natural medicine, wine production or recycling, among many other activities.

Little of Haiti in Mexico

Many migrants from Haiti who embarked on a difficult and long journey to a better life for the United States and very few achieved it but several stayed in another country full of opportunities that is: Mexico.

In particular, the city of Tijuana is now much more intercultural. The migratory flow of the Haitian population, the impossibility of crossing to the United States. and the need to work to eat, have made some thousands of Haitians and Haitians have opted to build their American dream on the Mexican side of the border.

Since mid-August 2016, rivers of people from Haiti began to arrive, first through Tapachula, Chiapas, where they asked the Mexican immigration authorities for permission to cross the country and reach the US border.

Thus, taking into account the counts of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service. and some migrant shelters, such as Padre Chava’s Breakfast Room, located in Tijuana, an average of 20,000 Haitian migrants arrived in Mexico since August 2016, of which 17,784 managed to enter the United States. with an appointment issued by the immigration authorities, although, later, a large majority were deported.

According to the Director of Migration Affairs of the General Secretariat of Government of the Mexican state of Baja California, there are currently 2,890 Haitians with a humanitarian permit to reside in Mexico and, with this, be able to work legally, as well as settle down with their families.

The border cities have changed their social aspect, particularly Tijuana, a city with the  Best Mexico dentist and a large influx of migrants from all corners of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti, and to a lesser extent from Asian and African countries.
Now it is common to walk through the streets and meet people of all types, especially Haitian women and men who have opened some restaurants, hairdressers and telephone call businesses. The mosaic of colors has been enriched in Tijuana and those who are inhabitants of this city already begin to know some words of the creolé or some festivals of that island.

Cleaning in the city

One kilometer of the Tijuana River Canalization will be cleaned by civil society, the private initiative, the Tijuana City Council and the National Water Commission (Conagua).
The solution is in the hands of many and I am very happy that we are going to clean at least a kilometer of the canal, declared the council president of the Tourism Commission. All these improvements will be so that the city not only look more aesthetic for all people who live there or who visit us to get affordable dental bridges in Tijuana but also with the intention of having a city with fewer health risks, although there have been cases of infections due to lack of canalization hygiene, is a preventive measure.

The area where they will clean will be from the Garita del Chaparral to the Municipal Palace.

So far they do not have a defined resource for investment, but each of the participants will support something like dump trucks, trash removal and tow trucks, he added.

The last time that Conagua cleaned the canalization was in 2014, that is, four years ago, investing about 20 million for the maintenance of seven kilometers.

Currently, they have detected about 160 people living in the channel from the Chaparral part to the General Hospital of Tijuana.

“With NGOs we are going to channel the people who are in the canal but make sure that they will not return, hand in hand to clean and recover the top part to make a road walker,” they said.

The pointed out that unfortunately the indigents have taken advantage of the lack of cleanliness and security to make the canal their place to consume or sell drugs.

As a result of the clean-up day implemented by the Ministry of Public Security of Tijuana, 12 tons of garbage were collected and 4,470 square meters were cleaned.

The activity was supported by personnel of the Municipal District of Infractors, as well as people who are under arrest for any administrative fault. The day consisted in the cleaning and weeding of 2 thousand 850 square meters, 1 thousand 620 square meters were swept, and more than 12 tons of garbage were collected.

With 59 offenders who worked their hours of service to the community, the are a lot of colonies that benefited from this program.

City Improvements

Rome was not made in a day, but we could begin to walk, without running to stumble, expressed to be in the status of the promises that delivered in the campaign to the people of Tijuana, six months after starting their municipal administration.

He explained that currently, the council cares to enter the national tender to hire a public lighting service, for which the Transparencia Technical and Citizen committees were installed, which will be vigilant during the whole process, and that will grant greater certainty and clarity to the actions that have to be carried out to enlighten the city and thus provide greater security to the population and people who come from abroad for Tijuana Root canal treatment.

In addition to the above, talk about the issue of mobility of the city, a project through which seek to promote the transit of citizens, that is, give priority to pedestrians, in addition to modernizing public transport.

As part of this mobility plan, the mayor of Tijuana stressed that for the first time in many years had occurred in an urban order in the international booths to give citizens the option of taking public transport more convenient, and where no company can have the exclusivity of the service.

He explained that fulfilling one of his campaign commitments, on August 2 began the process for the registration of the 25 million students who received the support of free transportation, thanks to the willingness and willingness of the transporters.

The mayor of Tijuana emphasizes that he needs the greatest citizen participation, in all areas, to be able to obtain the status of the city of Mexico, but also requires a greater participation of the private initiative in the works of the city council, as well as a re-engineering in the governmental task, leaving aside the intentional bureaucracy.

Ensure that workers work hand in hand with the Business Coordinating Council, so that when investors arrive in the city they can work more quickly, generating greater sources of employment and the wealth of the city.

He said that a city can not be growing based on a mobile vehicle, but must return to the citizen of a cake, where everyone can travel through their city with public media, in this way, recover from public spaces for the benefit of the citizens.

Sustainable objects using cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are extremely harmful to your teeth, according to expert dentists in Mexico. They are also one of the objects that people throw away without caring about their degree of environmental contamination, but on the other hand they have served students of the Technological University of Mexico to create objects such as notebooks or pots based on cellulose pulp without environmental impact, the institution reported.

Ecofilter, the winning project of the “Unitec Award for Technological Innovation for Social Development”, will prevent the felling of 3,094 trees each year, helping to keep around 381,000 liters of water clean.

Collection of cigarette butts
Paola Garro, leader of the project, said that its development consists of the collection of cigarette butts, either by means of collections or specific containers, in order to give another use to these toxic waste.

We want to free the environment from this silent pollutant, which is uncontrollably thrown to the ground and causes great damage to nature and the environment, said the award-winner, who stressed that in Mexico 5,000 million butts are produced per year.

To transform the waste into something useful, the toxic substance is extracted from the cigarette end in a process that takes between 10 and 15 days.

Production of cellulose pulp
The purpose of the project is to revolutionize the paper sector in Mexico in the absence of a solid industry that produces cellulose pulp in the country, the majority being imported from the United States.

For this reason, he pointed out the need for “a cellulose pulp with recycled processes inside Mexico and that the price of paper, the price of notebooks and infinity of articles of this entire infrastructure can be reduced”.

Articles such as covers, soles, thermal and acoustic insulators, bricks, paper or cardboard are other uses that can be given to this material made by the residue of a vice that, according to the World Health Organization, ends life of 7 million people a year around the world.

Cleaning of canalization of the Tijuana River

Locals, among volunteers and municipal employees, participated in the Cleaning Day in the Canalization of the River at the height of the Mexico Bridge, in which around 600 cubic meters of garbage were removed and more than 150 people were sent to a temporally home, where they will be assisted by the Inclusion Program.
The day was an initiative of the councilor in coordination with the delegate of the Center, where federal and state authorities participated, in addition to volunteers and employees of the Secretariat of Urban Development and Ecology (SDUE) of the Directorate of Public Works.
“We want to clean this space, which is the first image of Tijuana to arrive from the United States looking for a house for sale in Baja California or just visit and to recover these areas so that families can take part in recreational activities such as running, biking or with their pets,” the councilor said.
The mayor highlighted the availability of federal agencies such as the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the National Institute of Immigration (INAMI), the Second Military Zone and the Institute of Administration and Valuation of National Assets (INDAABIN) and the Tijuana Customs participate in this journey.
This day is the beginning of permanent actions that will be carried out for at least three months to recover these spaces, through the cleaning and rehabilitation of them.
The delegate of the Center explained that this day and the retirement of the people who spend the night in the canal is a request both of the residents of the area and of the organized groups of the trade.
“Merchants from the Avenida Revolución, the Zona Centro and the Tourist Walker have approached in the voice of their representatives, who have expressed to us the need not only to clean, but to channel these people to rehabilitation centers, because many of them they are the ones who commit crimes in the surroundings, “he added.
He assured that on behalf of the delegation 20 employees were present and a backhoe and two dump trucks were used for cleaning.
Prior to this day the support of the Beta Group was requested to talk with these people about the need to withdraw from this site that they use to consume drugs and spend the night.
In the event was present the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Martinez who was in charge of supporting the transfer of people residing in the channel and who mostly have addiction problems, so they were taken to the EMI, where will be channeled to rehabilitation centers through the Inclusion Program.

Benefits of being bilingual

Bilingual people have a tendency to make much more rational choices. Almost any language includes nuance as well as subtle implications in the vocabulary of its, and the biases may subconsciously affect the judgment of yours. Bilinguals are definitely more confident with the options of theirs after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their first conclusions still stand up.

Studying a different language with an online spanish coach draws the target of yours to the aspects of language: grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure. This will make you far more conscious of language, as well as the ways it could be structured as well as manipulated. These abilities are able to allow you to be a better communicator and a sharper editor as well as writer

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Weight loss surgery in mexico is growing in popularity. More and more people are turning to this innovative surgery to help them to tackle their weight problems. This form of surgery is also known as a sleevectomy or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. it is one several forms of surgery that is designed to reduce the size of the stomach. By reducing the capacity of the stomach, it makes it practically impossible to overeat, which allows the person who undergoes the surgery to lose weight successfully. After the surgery instead of being a “pouch”, the stomach is turned into a sleeve-shaped tube.

Tiempo atras, aunque no hace mucho tiempo, los negocios gastaban grandes cantidades de dinero en publicidad dentro de los grandes medios de difusión, tales como televisión, radio, periódicos, revistas, directorios telefónicos, etc. Sin embargo, hoy en día la tendencia ha cambio radicalmente. Aunque algunos de estos medios siguen vivos y siguen siendo efectivos, la realidad es que ya no es lo mismo de antes. Hoy en día el público se ha pasado a Internet, y como es normal, la publicidad tiene que estar donde la gente está. En estos tiempos modernos, los negocios tienen que estar en los resultados de búsqueda de Google, justo en el preciso momento en el que existe la intención de compra. Sin embargo, para aparecer dentro de los primeros lugares en Google es importante tener una fuerte estrategia de SEO en Mexico, de lo contrario, su negocio no logrará aparecer en los lugares más notorios de Google.

What’s a Bridge? A bridge is a replacement tooth or teeth that fill the space where one or more teeth are missing. Your sting is restored by the bridge and helps keep the natural shape of your face. Your dentist in Mexico would like you to learn more regarding the measures called for prior to getting a bridge. She or he is able to suggest which kind of bridge is better for you personally. Do I Require a Bridge? A tooth that is lost is a critical issue. Teeth are created to work collectively. The nearby teeth may tip or drift to the empty space when you lose a tooth. The teeth in the jaw that is other could also shift down or up toward the space. This put more pressure in your teeth and jaw joints, potentially causing pain and may impact your bite.

Who’s An Excellent Candidate for Dental Implants in Mexico? In the event you happen to be in good general health as well as an implant can be supported by your jaw, this treatment could possibly be an excellent alternative for you personally. Your quality of life is more important than your age. Nevertheless, implants aren’t a choice for all. Before scheduling any implant operation patients ought to maintain good health or cleared by their doctors. They ought to have sufficient jawbone have the ability to get operation to develop the jawbone or to support the implant. Bone might be built up using sinus lift operation or with a bone graft. Chronic illnesses, including leukemia and diabetes, may impede healing. Implant treatment might not be a wise decision for patients with one of these illnesses. Tobacco use may also impede the curing process.

Los sitios realizados por una empresa de diseño web en Tijuana bajo los estandares responsivos son fluidos, lo que significa que el contenido se mueve libremente a través de todas las resoluciones de pantalla y todos los dispositivos. Tanto las rejillas como las imágenes son fluidas. Al igual que un líquido se extiende o atrae a permitir que su contenido para llenar un espacio asignado y conservar su apariencia, la fluidez del diseño web responsivo logra el mismo resultado con el contenido del sitio web en una pantalla de dispositivo.

Are there options to root canal therapy? The only alternative to root canal therapy is to extract the tooth; however, this alone can cause the surrounding teeth to move, resulting in a bad bite. Though a simple extraction may be perceived as less expensive, the empty space left behind will require an implant or a bridge, which ultimately can be more costly than root canal therapy. A root canal is a procedure done by your dentists in mexico to preserve (not save) a dead tooth. I say “preserve” and not “save” because it’s like mummification. It’s taking a dead pharoh and stuffing him — it’s not saving the pharoh’s life.

El diseño web responsivo puede reducir drásticamente el tiempo de desarrollo y el costo. En lugar de que tu proveedor de diseño web en tijuana mexico dedique tiempo y recursos a la construcción de un sitio web móvil independiente, además de su sitio web de escritorio tradicional, el enfoque de diseño sensible le permite optimizar su negocio para todos los dispositivos con un solo sitio web. Un sitio web cuesta menos de dos, y los ahorros pueden ser sustanciales.