Cleaning in the city

One kilometer of the Tijuana River Canalization will be cleaned by civil society, the private initiative, the Tijuana City Council and the National Water Commission (Conagua).
The solution is in the hands of many and I am very happy that we are going to clean at least a kilometer of the canal, declared the council president of the Tourism Commission. All these improvements will be so that the city not only look more aesthetic for all people who live there or who visit us to get affordable dental bridges in Tijuana but also with the intention of having a city with fewer health risks, although there have been cases of infections due to lack of canalization hygiene, is a preventive measure.

The area where they will clean will be from the Garita del Chaparral to the Municipal Palace.

So far they do not have a defined resource for investment, but each of the participants will support something like dump trucks, trash removal and tow trucks, he added.

The last time that Conagua cleaned the canalization was in 2014, that is, four years ago, investing about 20 million for the maintenance of seven kilometers.

Currently, they have detected about 160 people living in the channel from the Chaparral part to the General Hospital of Tijuana.

“With NGOs we are going to channel the people who are in the canal but make sure that they will not return, hand in hand to clean and recover the top part to make a road walker,” they said.

The pointed out that unfortunately the indigents have taken advantage of the lack of cleanliness and security to make the canal their place to consume or sell drugs.

As a result of the clean-up day implemented by the Ministry of Public Security of Tijuana, 12 tons of garbage were collected and 4,470 square meters were cleaned.

The activity was supported by personnel of the Municipal District of Infractors, as well as people who are under arrest for any administrative fault. The day consisted in the cleaning and weeding of 2 thousand 850 square meters, 1 thousand 620 square meters were swept, and more than 12 tons of garbage were collected.

With 59 offenders who worked their hours of service to the community, the are a lot of colonies that benefited from this program.

City Improvements

Rome was not made in a day, but we could begin to walk, without running to stumble, expressed to be in the status of the promises that delivered in the campaign to the people of Tijuana, six months after starting their municipal administration.

He explained that currently, the council cares to enter the national tender to hire a public lighting service, for which the Transparencia Technical and Citizen committees were installed, which will be vigilant during the whole process, and that will grant greater certainty and clarity to the actions that have to be carried out to enlighten the city and thus provide greater security to the population and people who come from abroad for Tijuana Root canal treatment.

In addition to the above, talk about the issue of mobility of the city, a project through which seek to promote the transit of citizens, that is, give priority to pedestrians, in addition to modernizing public transport.

As part of this mobility plan, the mayor of Tijuana stressed that for the first time in many years had occurred in an urban order in the international booths to give citizens the option of taking public transport more convenient, and where no company can have the exclusivity of the service.

He explained that fulfilling one of his campaign commitments, on August 2 began the process for the registration of the 25 million students who received the support of free transportation, thanks to the willingness and willingness of the transporters.

The mayor of Tijuana emphasizes that he needs the greatest citizen participation, in all areas, to be able to obtain the status of the city of Mexico, but also requires a greater participation of the private initiative in the works of the city council, as well as a re-engineering in the governmental task, leaving aside the intentional bureaucracy.

Ensure that workers work hand in hand with the Business Coordinating Council, so that when investors arrive in the city they can work more quickly, generating greater sources of employment and the wealth of the city.

He said that a city can not be growing based on a mobile vehicle, but must return to the citizen of a cake, where everyone can travel through their city with public media, in this way, recover from public spaces for the benefit of the citizens.

Sustainable objects using cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are extremely harmful to your teeth, according to expert dentists in Mexico. They are also one of the objects that people throw away without caring about their degree of environmental contamination, but on the other hand they have served students of the Technological University of Mexico to create objects such as notebooks or pots based on cellulose pulp without environmental impact, the institution reported.

Ecofilter, the winning project of the “Unitec Award for Technological Innovation for Social Development”, will prevent the felling of 3,094 trees each year, helping to keep around 381,000 liters of water clean.

Collection of cigarette butts
Paola Garro, leader of the project, said that its development consists of the collection of cigarette butts, either by means of collections or specific containers, in order to give another use to these toxic waste.

We want to free the environment from this silent pollutant, which is uncontrollably thrown to the ground and causes great damage to nature and the environment, said the award-winner, who stressed that in Mexico 5,000 million butts are produced per year.

To transform the waste into something useful, the toxic substance is extracted from the cigarette end in a process that takes between 10 and 15 days.

Production of cellulose pulp
The purpose of the project is to revolutionize the paper sector in Mexico in the absence of a solid industry that produces cellulose pulp in the country, the majority being imported from the United States.

For this reason, he pointed out the need for “a cellulose pulp with recycled processes inside Mexico and that the price of paper, the price of notebooks and infinity of articles of this entire infrastructure can be reduced”.

Articles such as covers, soles, thermal and acoustic insulators, bricks, paper or cardboard are other uses that can be given to this material made by the residue of a vice that, according to the World Health Organization, ends life of 7 million people a year around the world.

Cleaning of canalization of the Tijuana River

Locals, among volunteers and municipal employees, participated in the Cleaning Day in the Canalization of the River at the height of the Mexico Bridge, in which around 600 cubic meters of garbage were removed and more than 150 people were sent to a temporally home, where they will be assisted by the Inclusion Program.
The day was an initiative of the councilor in coordination with the delegate of the Center, where federal and state authorities participated, in addition to volunteers and employees of the Secretariat of Urban Development and Ecology (SDUE) of the Directorate of Public Works.
“We want to clean this space, which is the first image of Tijuana to arrive from the United States looking for a house for sale in Baja California or just visit and to recover these areas so that families can take part in recreational activities such as running, biking or with their pets,” the councilor said.
The mayor highlighted the availability of federal agencies such as the National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the National Institute of Immigration (INAMI), the Second Military Zone and the Institute of Administration and Valuation of National Assets (INDAABIN) and the Tijuana Customs participate in this journey.
This day is the beginning of permanent actions that will be carried out for at least three months to recover these spaces, through the cleaning and rehabilitation of them.
The delegate of the Center explained that this day and the retirement of the people who spend the night in the canal is a request both of the residents of the area and of the organized groups of the trade.
“Merchants from the Avenida Revolución, the Zona Centro and the Tourist Walker have approached in the voice of their representatives, who have expressed to us the need not only to clean, but to channel these people to rehabilitation centers, because many of them they are the ones who commit crimes in the surroundings, “he added.
He assured that on behalf of the delegation 20 employees were present and a backhoe and two dump trucks were used for cleaning.
Prior to this day the support of the Beta Group was requested to talk with these people about the need to withdraw from this site that they use to consume drugs and spend the night.
In the event was present the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Martinez who was in charge of supporting the transfer of people residing in the channel and who mostly have addiction problems, so they were taken to the EMI, where will be channeled to rehabilitation centers through the Inclusion Program.

Benefits of being bilingual

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